kleding op maat

laat jezelf zijn - zien.

Atelier Annelies Bruneel ontwerpt en maakt Belgische mode met de hand.  Laat kledij maken voor de mooiste dag van je leven, of gewoon voor elke dag. Haute couture past ook in jouw kledingkast. 

Method of Work

The authentically Belgian clothing line of Annelies Bruneel is identified by an entirely own method of working. She starts from the last step and from there, proceeds towards the very beginning of the garment.


Annelies's signature in her collection is a blue-and-yellow satin ribbon which is being sewn into all garments. Just like the inner lining of the clothing, this step is also being done by hand, for makes for the finest and most qualitatively pleasing finish.



Het pikeren van de stof. Om de vorm van bijvoorbeeld jassen soepel en stevig te houden doet Annelies dit met natuurlijke materialen en met de hand. Dit verhoogt de draagbaarheid en beweegbaarheid van de kleding en zorgt voor een lange levensduur.



Shaping the fabric. To ensure for a supple garment with a durable hold, Annelies treats her fabrics with organic materials and by hand. This increases the wearability and flexibility of the garment and ensures them with a long life.

Annelies chooses to exclusively work with organic materials. Having been trained as a textile designer, working with organic materials has always been her passion. She especially enjoys working with linnen, wool and silk because of their distinct qualities. On the one hand, a fascinating dialogue between the human body and there materials can be observed. On the other hand, she is inspired by the natural beauty and movement of these fabrics.



Annelies buys her fabrics in modest amounts, so that the pieces she creates, really can be considered as unique pieces. Her choice of fabrics is being influenced by both material and colour. Annelies is very sensitive to colours and chooses them carefully and with a lot of attention to detail.




Throughout the years, she has tried out different pattern systems, and always chooses a system which would be most suited regarding the technical aspects of the design. The classical men's cut, for example, is a very simple designed which can be altered endlessly, while ensuring a comfotable fit and organic mouvement in relationship to the body. This design and its wearability is highly appreciated by the customers.



Elke stof heeft zijn eigenheid. Deze wordt bepaald door het materiaal, de garendikte en het weefsel. Met een specifiek uitgekozen stof gaan Annelies aan de slag. Door te experimenteren op een pop leidt ze fysieke eigenheid van een stof af. Ze onderzoekt hoe die eigenschappen haar idee kunnen realiseren.


Annelies often sketches ordinary movements and actions of people. This provides her with insight in the wearability of clothes and, at the same time, encourages her to plunge into the beauty of the common and ordinary in life. Annelies' goal is to create beautiful, well-made and wearable Belgian clothing. Oftentimes, she can be seen with a camera or sketch book in the Belgian world.


Annelies is inspired by clouds, trees, fabrics, windows, shadows, fossils of the everyday life of other people, poetry, lines and the blue colour of ballpoints. It is her passion to translate these sources of inspiration into clothing through her imagination and professional knowledge.

In her thesis on textile design, Annelies chose to elaborate on the position of fashion in this society. In order to do this, she did research on ready-to-wear clothing, conceptual fashion and fashion during the course of history. In her thesis on theater costumes and scenography, Annelies did research on the topic of visual drama and visual language. That Annelies chose for these very different topics, is a good example of how diverse her interests are, which results in a broad field to draw her technical knowledge and inspiration from.

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