kleding op maat

laat jezelf zijn - zien.

Atelier Annelies Bruneel ontwerpt en maakt Belgische mode met de hand.  Laat kledij maken voor de mooiste dag van je leven, of gewoon voor elke dag. Haute couture past ook in jouw kledingkast. 


A collection designed for our typically Belgian weather. Annelies designed clothes for both men and women. Het goal is to offer her customers aesthetic, durable and wearable Belgian clothing which can be worn in typically Belgian weather. In order to achieve this, she informs her customers about the relationship between the piece of clothing and the human body. For an informed human body is all set to cope with the Belgian weather! In this collection she is using organic materials such as wool, linen, silk and cotton.

All pieces are hand made with authentic material. To learn more about the process, please see the page 'Method'.

tailormade by hand.png