kleding op maat

laat jezelf zijn - zien.

Atelier Annelies Bruneel ontwerpt en maakt Belgische mode met de hand.  Laat kledij maken voor de mooiste dag van je leven, of gewoon voor elke dag. Haute couture past ook in jouw kledingkast. 


Custom Made

Annelies, designer and manufacturer, does everything by herself from start to finish. The design process has three phases:

1 The meeting

In this phase, client and designer come together and measurement are being taken. At the first meeting, Annelies is all ears for the wishes and requirements of her client. She listens to what You consider important, to the ideas you might have, but most of all, she listens to who You are as a person. Besides that, she looks at the colours You enjoying wearing and at the fabrics which You prefer. She studies Your body type and looks at the style of clothing You enjoy wearing. During this session, she takes Your measurements, a step which simultaneously marks the confirmation of Your order with this young designer.

All set and informed, Annelies then starts the creative process. Her goal is to deliver and even exceed Your expectations as a customer. She searches for the right shape, colour and fabric which will reflect You as a person and as a personality. After the design has been outlined on paper, she proceeds by drawing a pattern fit for Your size on pattern paper. After that, the pattern is cut out by hand. Carefully and meticulously, a piece of clothing has begun to take form.

2 The first fitting session

During this session, You try on the piece of clothing in front of a mirror for the first time. Annelies carefully looks whether the cut has been aptly chosen. From Your side, this is the time to give any last remarks or wishes. For example, if the piece of clothing would be a winter coat, during the first fitting session, You would be able to discuss how many pockets You would like Your coat to have and where the pockets would best be placed. Annelies organises this session when only the rough shape of the piece of clothing has taken shape, so that You as a client still would have room to perhaps express certain desires for change or certain expectations.

After this first fitting session, Annelies finishes Your garment completely. During this phase, buttonholes, buttons, hems and inner lining are all being sewn by hand. This makes for the finest and most qualitatively pleasing finish.

3 The final fitting session

The last fitting session is the moment where You try on Your garment for the last time in the presence of Annelies. She advises You about the maintenance, colour combinations ,specific care requirements and individuality of the shape, colours and materials. After this, it is really to be taken home by You.


Annelies saves your measurements and patterns in her database, which makes any future orders faster and easier.

More details on the creative process can be found in the 'Method of Work' section.

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