kleding op maat

laat jezelf zijn - zien.

Atelier Annelies Bruneel ontwerpt en maakt Belgische mode met de hand.  Laat kledij maken voor de mooiste dag van je leven, of gewoon voor elke dag. Haute couture past ook in jouw kledingkast. 

About me


Annelies Bruneel (Deinze, 1987) is a textile designer, clothing designer and scenographer. She combines shapes, colours, materials and atmospheres into a concrete and tangible result. She is interested in both the process of creation and the technical aspects of the designing process. She describes herself as the shadow-and-cloudgirl who gives a central place to Belgian quality, tailorwork and wearability. All this is reflected in her collection.

Annelies annelieses the world. She describes this as the combination between understanding the depths of reality. When choosing a certain theme, she researches the context, which results in a broad imaginary field. Her identity as a designer is marked by the pillars of imagination, passion, professional knowledge and flexibility. You can read upon the process of creation which she follows in the section of her method of working.

Annelies started working as a designer during her training. She design custom-made clothing for both
men and women, as well as interiors. Based on the often only vaguely formulated wishes of the client, she
looks for fabrics and shapes which would appeal to the client, which eventually results into pieces of clothing which entirely meet the expectations of the client.

Annelies also works freelance as a theatrical designer. She designs clothes, costumes, decors, light, props and visuals. She has already cooperated with NTGent, Maya Wuytack, Music Hall, Joëlle Teurlinckx and others.

In case you would like to see Annelies's full resume, please don't hesitate to contact her.

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